LP has been a leader in sports medicine products in over 50 countries worldwide. Once again, we are pleased to introduce a complete program of innovative, high-performance sports medicine products. Sports and exercise participation have continued to grow and sports enthusiasts are more aware of the health benefits of exercise as well as the importance of protective gear.

We recognize that sports protection has to be both functional and user-friendly. That's why our Research and Development team combined both medical theory with practical application. Our R&D staff of physical therapists, medical consultants, and athletes work together to brainstorm innovative, professional-quality products. They combine medical research with input from real sports enthusiasts to determine the needs of players then they relentlessly brainstorm, design, test, and analyze new products and materials ideas. This combination leads to durable, high-performance supports made from unique, innovative materials. This LP Catalog reflects our commitment to provide a complete line of high-quality sports medicine products.

We appreciate the loyalty and support of our customers and distributors as well as the talents and dedication of all our employees worldwide. For 20 years, our employees and distributors have delivered exceptional customer service and quality products to our customers. As we move into the next 20 years, we promise to continue improving our products, materials, and service to exceed your expectations. At the same time, we strive to create a positive environment for all our employees to work and grow, because we believe that our employees can only do their best for you when we do our best for them.

Thank you,

Chief of executive officer